Wavlink AC1200 Review

Finding an uncomplicated way to extend your router’s reach can be a hassle sometimes. We wanted to have both practicality and a good connection speed, so we did some research for our Wavlink AC1200 review. While looking through wireless extenders, we stumbled upon an interesting alternative for that purpose. For that reason, we decided to write a full Wavlink AC-1200 review to determine if this is a solid choice. Or not.

Choosing the best wireless extender

Wireless extenders and routers are alike in many ways, so it makes sense that choosing one is fairly similar. The most important things to keep in mind when you’re buying a wireless extender are:

802.11 compatibility

Wireless connections rely heavily on the IEEE’s 802.11 protocols to establish a network. Avoiding the intricate parts and technicalities, your extender’s protocol will set the limits when it comes to connection speeds. Once you’ve reached the peak of your current protocol’s input and output capacity, no amount of hardware can improve it.


Earlier protocols were originally named with the protocol’s number (802.11) followed by the corresponding amendment version (a, b, n, ac…). However, most commercial protocols have been retroactively re-branded as Wi-Fi 1 to 6, depending on the version. As a rule of thumb, newer protocols allow for faster speeds and more reliable connections.

Area coverage range

If you’re looking through wireless extenders, chances are that you’re unsatisfied with your current router’s coverage. Buying an extender is the ideal solution to that problem, but you have to be mindful of the area that you want to cover. Extenders usually have only slightly bigger coverage areas than common good-quality routers.

Sometimes buying several small-capacity extenders will be your best choice. If you live in a large house that isn’t evenly distributed size-wise, you’re likely to favor multiple extenders. This will guarantee that you can reach every corner of your household with a strong connection and fast internet.

Security measures

Whether you’re a business owner or you’re getting a home network, you value your privacy. Choosing a secure wireless solution will ensure that no one messes with your sensitive data. If that sounds like something that you should be concerned about, it’s because you really should.

An outdated security certification was the WEP, and many devices only included this as a security measure. This encryption proved to be easy to crack, so you might want to look elsewhere to safe-keep your information. WPA and WPA2 are considered reliable, provided that one decides on a secure password, passphrase, or similar authentication method.

Wavlink AC1200 Review

We found this review-worthy piece of equipment while we were looking for a reliable Wi-Fi extender. The Wavlink AC1200 caught our attention both for its low price and convenient design. Simply plugging it into a power outlet and establishing the connection will virtually double your network’s area of coverage. It worked flawlessly as a multi-purpose connectivity tool, either for wired or wireless networks.

This extender is compatible with 802.11ac’s protocol, allowing speeds up to 300mbps at 2.4Ghz and 836mbps in dual-band. The extender is also backward-compatible with older 802.11 connection protocols. It includes many other useful features, such as:

3-in-1 wireless solution

This wireless device works either as an access point, repeater, or router. The small gadget can be used to extend a router’s range, but also supports wired connections. That feature gives it a slight edge over many similarly priced alternatives.

Setting up a private network only takes flipping the conveniently placed switch on the extender’s side. This allows you to share an internet connection with guests or costumers when you don’t want them snooping around. Your home or workplace networks will be secure while providing a restricted router connection to any unknown smart devices.

Practical design

Thanks to its minimal size, you can take it to any room to increase signal strength in that particular area. This comes in handy to reach those places that your router struggles to reach satisfactorily. You can move it to the hall, backyard, or your room whenever you need to change this extender’s purpose.

However, be mindful that your connection speed will decrease if you place it too far away from the source. Knowing this, you might want to plug the Wavlink AC1200 extender as close to your router as you can.

Outstanding coverage

Despite its size, the Wavlink AC1200 signal’s strength is quite remarkable. Both as a receiver and transmitter, this small wonder will provide a reliable connection by itself to a small home. As for longer areas, this works well as an aid for your existing wireless connection to reach further.

We were pleased with this device’s wireless reach, which is likely greater than your current router’s. It’s a relief considering that you need 70% signal strength with the extender plugged close to the router for great performance. This set up will easily increase the signal of your router to around 150-200% more coverage.

Our conclusions


  • Fast internet connection
  • Unbeatable practicality
  • Fair coverage range
  • Easy to set up


  • It’s rather delicate
  • Needs to be placed close to the router

Frequently Asked Questions

Do wireless extenders really work?

Wireless extenders are a secure and effective way to extend your Wi-Fi network’s range. These extenders connect themselves to your wireless router and create an alternative access point through the extender. The extenders usually have equal or greater range than residential routers, so it nearly duplicates your network’s effective area coverage.

Is AC1200 better than AC750?

From an objective point of view, the AC1200 extender performs better than its younger sibling, the AC750. The 5Ghz band has a bigger capacity in the former extender, also translating into a faster dual-band connection. Likewise, the latter can only be used with wired connections, working better as a bridge than a repeater.


After looking through all the features on this wireless extender, we were able to draw some conclusions. First and foremost, the Wavlink AC1200 is an inexpensive yet reliable way to increase your coverage range to a satisfactory extent. It’s also well-suited for creating an access point for wired connections or repeating your router’s network. We think this is a solid choice for setting up both residential or small business networks. If you were looking for the best wireless extender for the money, then look no further.