the UPRIGHT GO posture correcting wearable corrects posture anytime, anywhere


One of the lesser-known secrets to good health is having good posture. Good posture has really gone by the waist side with the advent of the smartphone. People are constantly looking down at their phone, making the neck bent for unnatural periods of time. But one device aims to counteract this problem: the UPRIGHT GO posture correcting wearable. It improves posture in just two weeks, and you can wear it while doing practically anything… even working out on your treadmill or strength training.

Who is the UPRIGHT GO posture correcting wearable for?

This wearable tech device is for anyone who wants to prevent or correct bad posture, so it’s for anyone. It is one of the fastest ways to correct bad habits that lead to incorrect posture. Just 14 days is all it takes to strengthen the core muscles that naturally give you better posture.

It’s lightweight and doesn’t show underneath your clothing which makes it that much more versatile. You can wear it out shopping or at work, and no one will know you’re wearing it. It’s also very comfortable to wear and it won’t dig into your skin. You may just forget you have it on at all. Besides wearing the AlignMed Posture Shirt, we think this is one of the best ways to fix bad posture and reap all the health benefits, too.


The UPRIGHT GO mobile app

For a personalized posture-training plan, download the UPRIGHT GO mobile app. It helps you visualize your progress with the statistics page, and you can even get answers to questions and tips from a live posture training coach. Right from the UPRIGHT GO app, you get a personalized plan customized to help you meet your individual goals.

By pairing this helpful app and the UPRIGHT GO posture correcting wearable, having good posture is an easy process. The app is compatible with ios and Android devices, it’s so convenient to use. Access it on all your smart wearables like the Apple iWatch, GARMIN VIVOSMART 4, or Fitbit Versa.

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