Transform Your Fitness with the A.I. – Powered Tonal Smart Gym

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Artificial intelligence, or A.I., is changing the world we live in at a rapid rate. Almost every industry is being disrupted by this technology, and it means big advances in all workout gear. From dumb to smart, all our devices have suddenly become way more intelligent. One of the greatest perks of A.I. is what it’s doing to our fitness. Workout equipment has developed into something we could never have imagined just a decade ago, hence the release of the Tonal Smart Gym.

A smart gym is a sophisticated system that completely makes the typical brick and mortar gym and in-person training session redundant. It’s changing how we workout and achieve a higher level of fitness. The Tonal smart gym is such an excellent example of A.I. in fitness because no matter what your particular fitness goal is, it can help you achieve it. You never have to leave home or have a personal trainer come to your house.

You simply tell Tonal what your goal is, select a program, and the virtual coaches will guide you from there on out. Through each and every workout and movement, Tonal is there to guide your progress. Despite being a full-body gym, because it attaches to the wall and has a sleek design, it saves tons of space. When you’re not using it, it will take up no more space than a wall hanging.


The Tonal Smart Gym has some really “smart” accessories

Turn the weight on or off with the click of a button once you’re in position and ready to lift. All weights built into this fitness machine are digital. You can lift up to 200 pounds in one-pound increments! Forget about needing an entire room full of weights or exercise machines – this one system replaces it all. It replaces traditional weights and dumbbells, utilizing resistance training.

Tonal’s claim to fame is “the world’s most intelligent home gym”. Because it’s an all-in-one fitness system and it provides a virtual trainer, you really have to admit, it’s pretty damn smart. Not only does it save you time and money not having to pay for an expensive gym membership and trainer fees, you are taking the guesswork out of fitness training, tracking progress in real-time, and getting a full gym packed into one sleek package.

Tonal’s “Coach A.I. Technology” is what really makes this smart gym unique. It includes:

  • Strength assessment to learn your body and strength
  • Intelligent weight adjustments
  • Video demos for every movement
  • Advanced weight modes like Eccentric, Chains, and Burnout
  • Spotter mode to lift with confidence
  • Automatic tracking and reporting

The Tonal Smart Gym utilizes Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity with 15W Stereo speakers. The membership is just $49 a month but the entire system costs $2,995 – a bit steep but you could also look at it as a smart investment for your health. The initial purchase includes the membership for the first 12 months.

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