Toothbrush Timer Apps – Can they really help improve oral health?

While we all know that regular teeth brushing is essential for healthy gums and teeth, how do you know if you’re brushing long enough? It’s an age-old question that people often ask but did you know, there’s an app for that? Indeed, with the popularity of apps has come more than a few smartphone applications dedicated to timing you while you brush. You can use them with smart electric toothbrushes or standard toothbrushes. Two of the best are the Brush My Teeth app for kids, and the Toothbrush Timer ios app, great for all ages. They are perfect for anyone who wants to take charge of their oral health, and even make sure their kids are brushing long enough.

The Brush My Teeth App

For ages 5 and under, the Brush My Teeth app is made specifically for younger kids who need a little extra motivation to get their teeth clean. It’s only .99 cents but the app lets you give it a test-run just in case you or your child decides it’s not a good buy.

This app makes brushing fun for kids, turning it into a game as the three toothbrush timers launch a countdown of 1 or 2 minutes. Never worry about kids not brushing long enough again. This app ensures they brush for at least two minutes which is recommended by dentists. Plus, they are sure to love Scruffy and his sidekick! It also teaches kids how much toothpaste to use with its three mini games.


The Toothbrush Timer App

For ages 4 and up, the Toothbrush Timer app is for iPhones and other ios devices. It’s not just a toothbrush timer, it also tracks how long you’ve had your toothbrush (down to the number of months and days) so you know when to replace or sanitize it with your UV toothbrush cleaner. (link to toothbrush sanitizer) Have trouble remembering when your next dental appointment is? This cool app helps you do that, too. It tells you the exact number of months and days since your last appointment so you can stay on schedule with your dental exams and cleanings.

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