This Red Light Vibration Weight Loss Massager Reduces Fat and Tightens Skin

It’s no secret – most Americans are battling the bulge and looking to increase the youthfulness of their skin. While the saying goes that there are no quick fixes or short cuts to looking great, there are, in fact, certain tech gadgets that are popping up that actually seem to defy the laws of aging. Just one example is the Red Light Vibration Weight Loss Massager. It harnesses red light technology, radio frequency massage, and vibration massage to promote fat decomposition and tighten loose skin.

This 4-in1 body sculpting massager uses RF technology to increase heat to the skin which helps aid in fat burning, while red light technology emits wavelengths that have the power to stimulate fibroblasts (part of the collagen matrix), increase blood circulation and elasticity of the skin, and help smooth out wrinkles. Red light technology is more frequently being used for skin care because the red low-level wavelengths are believed to produce a biochemical effect in cells that strengthens the mitochondria. This in turn energizes the cells and make them better able to function, and if we’re talking about using it on skin cells, this means more healthy, youthful-looking skin.

The high frequency vibration that’s produced from this portable massager literally wakes up the cells, increasing the lymphatic system and blood circulation. Both of these things are very helpful when it comes to weight loss and producing healthier skin. If you are like a lot of Americans, you may be sitting at a desk for hours on end every day (or maybe you don’t get enough exercise). The result is stagnation in the body’s systems; both the lymph nodes and circulatory system are primarily impacted, decreasing the ability to remove toxins efficiently. When you have excess toxins, they are stored in the fat. Yes, toxins actually make you fat.


So, that’s why Hansilk utilized these technologies when designing its Red Light Vibration Weight Loss Massager. It’s not just a massager; it’s also an ultrasonic, radio frequency, and red light therapy device all in one. While it’s not recommended for use on the face or neck, you can use it on arms, legs, thighs, and the abdomen.

It’s very relaxing to use, creating a slight warming effect and a high-speed vibration. You can select four different modes: brighten skin mode, burn fat mode, burst fat mode, and shaping mode. Because it’s very easy to hold and maneuver and very lightweight and compact, you can take it virtually anywhere.

But does this Red Light Vibration Weight Loss Massager really work? That, of course, is the age-old question that comes across most people’s minds when trying out a new gadget such as this. So far on Amazon, it has less than 40 reviews, making it hard to say whether this red light weight loss device is highly effective. However, almost 60% of people have given it 5 stars which is not bad, and it’s got high ratings for being easy to use and giftable.

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