This Portable Emergency Charger Converts Petrol Into Electricity To Recharge Your Electric Car

The range of electric cars has increased dramatically in recent years. Today’s road models have a range that approaches that of fuel-based vehicles. The problem is not so much the distance, but finding nearby recharging stations. If you ever run out of battery power in the middle of the road, you can use this portable emergency electric car charger… that runs on gasoline.

To extend the range of electric vehicles, different tricks have been devised. As explained by Auto Bild, one of the most curious is the EP Tender, a device that you hook onto the car and double its range, with an extra battery.

Blink, one of the largest operators of recharging stations in the United States, is betting on a different solution. It has introduced Blink Portable Charging, the first portable emergency charger for electric cars that runs on gasoline.



This portable charger provides a 40A charge and 240V AC, with a charging power of 9.6KW. It is compatible with all electric cars, including Tesla (adapter included), and guarantees a range of 1.5 km for every minute of recharge. If you are 15 km away from home or from the nearest recharging station, for example, you will only have to use the emergency charger for 10 minutes to obtain that autonomy.

The most innovative and curious aspect of Blink Portable Charging is how you get that electricity. It doesn’t require you to plug it into an outlet, which would be impossible in the middle of nowhere, nor does it include a battery. It has a small transformer that is powered… with gasoline.

A 42.1-liter tank of petrol allows you to start a generator that generates the electricity that recharges the battery of any electric car.

Of course, this is not the most ecological way to obtain electricity, but we are talking about an emergency situation, in a field or an area without power outlets.

Although it’s a portable charger, the 40-liter tank and generator take the weight up to 160 kilos, so it’s not something you’ll be carrying around in your car. Also, according to Indeevs, it will cost around $4,865. It is designed to be used by roadside assistance companies, gas stations, or businesses that do not have access to a nearby charger.