This Electric Bike Is Inflatable And Fits In A Backpack



Can be fully inflated in less than a minute


There are many people who would like to use a bicycle or an electric scooter to get around town. The problem is that, in many cases, they do not want to leave the vehicle parked in the street and they cannot take it home or to their place of work.

If this is your case, the perfect electric bicycle has been born for you. It is called Poimo (Portable and Inflatable Mobility) and it is an electric inflatable bike that, when deflated, can be stored in a small backpack.

In the following video you can see how this curious vehicle works:

Poimo is composed of a thermoplastic polyurethane body and some rigid elements, such as the wheels, the engine, the battery or the handlebar.


As you have seen, when the body is deflated and folded it fits perfectly into a small backpack that anyone can carry on their back. The weight of the set is only 5.5 kg.

The body of the bike is completely inflated in less than a minute. The optimum pressure for stability and comfort is between 40 and 50 kPa, which is not very high: in comparison, footballs are inflated with twice the pressure. Because of this, it is even possible to inflate the body with a conventional hand pump (with a little patience, though).

Of course, we agree that appearance is not Poimo’s strong point. However, this will improve in the future. The researchers at the University of Tokyo who developed this electric bicycle explain that, for the moment, it is a prototype, and they intend to improve several things. The design would be one of them since it is also possible to reduce its overall weight even further.

The development team has put Poimo to the test in Japan, proving that it is a safe and fun bike to ride. Once the prototype phase is over, the researchers believe that it can be a very cost-effective vehicle, since it is very practical and easy to customize. At the moment they have not advanced what its price might be when it reaches the market.