The Winter staple for walking and jogging outdoors: the SoundBot Hat

Even the most avid walkers and joggers may experience a lack of motivation when faced with the harsh winter. You can put on the heaviest winter coat but unless your head’s warm, you’re going to suffer. That’s where a great beanies or toboggan like the SoundBot hat can be your best friend.

While other winter hats only keep your head and ears warm, the SoundBot hat does something extra – it lets you stream music and make phone calls. When temperatures are freezing and the wind is relentless, a little distraction can go a long way to keep you focused on your daily exercise.

The SoundBot hat: the most comfortable, high-tech beanie ever!

This wearable tech device maintains body heat, while making exercise more enjoyable, even in snowy, wintry weather. Take it with you on a jog, a run, or while letting your dog out for his daily exercise. While it looks like an ordinary soft knit hat, it actually has HD sound quality bluetooth speakers.


Never worry again about missing an important phone call while you’re hitting the pavement. The SoundBot hat lets you make hands-free calls whether traveling on foot or in the car. Both wireless and bluetooth-enabled, SoundBot connects to smart devices so you can take your calls anytime, any place plus, enjoy music streaming at your leisure.

Made with a USB charging system, you can take it with you on trips or on long outdoor adventures without worrying about the battery running down fast. While the battery lasts for up to 7 hours, if you do need it for longer it’s easy to charge it and resume using it. (For music streaming only, a full battery will last 5 hours).

With the latest trend toward Bluetooth and wireless devices, people often argue which is better. It definitely depends on your preference but the great thing about this is it has built-in wireless bluetooth speakers so it’s the best of both. Out of the 1,700+ reviews on Amazon, over half of people give it 5 stars. 

Amazingly, the SoundBot hat is completely machine washable so you never have to worry about accidentally putting it in the wash and ruining it. It is 100% waterproof and washing machine-friendly.

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