The Smartest Way to Measure Body Composition: the InBody Smart Bluetooth Scale

inbody smart scale

Want to know your body composition anytime, instead of waiting for your next doctor visit or trip to the health spa? Being able to keep a close check of your body stats it important for staying accountable to your weight loss and health goals. The InBody Smart Bluetooth Scale is, perhaps, one of the most advanced scales second only to those found inside medical practices and facilities. It allows you to check body fat percentage, BMI, skeletal muscle mass, and weight in the privacy of your own home, with an app that records and tracks your stats over time.

How does the InBody Smart Bluetooth Scale compare to traditional scales?

Unlike typical bathroom scales, the InBody Smart Bluetooth Scale has handle bar and foot electrodes that measure body composition fast and effectively. Only focusing on total weight is simply not enough information to determine overall composition. If you lose 5 lbs how do you really know you’ve lost body fat instead of muscle?

Besides having a better picture of health and body makeup, it only takes 10 seconds to get a reading. There really is no comparison when you simply list all the features the InBody H20N has. Not only does this high-tech set of scales have DSM-BIA technology (Direct Segmental Multi-Frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) that accurately scans body makeup, it has bluetooth capability.


This scale even has it’s own app!

Remotely access your measurements and data through the InBody mobile app anytime, even when away from home. It can be synced with Apple Health, and it’s compatible with Android and iOS users. InBody says what makes its smart scale different from other body composition analyzers is how it breaks down the body into four components: fat, lean body mass, minerals, and water.

Plus, this smart body composition analyzer can allow for unlimited users. Simply by downloading the InBody smartphone app, a new user can be accommodated and their own data will be read and saved for future access.

Can your bathroom scale track your weight and body composition over time? If not, you’re missing valuable data to help you pick up on weight creeping up over time or to monitor short-term weight loss goals. Check out just how smart the InBody Smart Bluetooth Scale is at

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