The ShoeZap Fights Shoe and Foot Odor with UV Light

ShoeZap foot odor and fungus killer

Stinky feet – it’s an embarrassing problem for many people. When bacteria get trapped in your shoes it causes odor that’s quite unpleasant, even conditions like athletes foot and toenail fungus. Shoes pose a real problem to our foot health because unlike our clothes, they are difficult to clean. This fact of life is probably why we have such a plethora of over-the-counter products for treating foot and shoe odor. Just take a browse at any drugstore if you’ve never noticed before. The big problem with these foot and shoe odor treatments, however, is that most just feed the bacteria itself and leave toxic residues inside your shoes. The better solution is a product called the ShoeZap, a UV sanitizer that kills foot odor and fungus at the source.

It’s a dirty secret these companies don’t want you to know but what’s worse is they only make the problem of shoe odor worse. Bacteria simply thrive in warm, moist, dark places like your shoes so unless you decide to throw them out every few weeks, what gives? Well, killing the bacteria using an ultraviolet shoe sanitizer is just one alternative to shoe odor sprays and powders.

The ShoeZap ultraviolet sanitizer – what the heck is it?

In the simplest terms, an ultraviolet shoe sanitizer is a device you plug in and it emits ultraviolet (UV) light to quickly and effectively kill fungus and bacteria that live inside your shoes. Without the bacteria, there is virtually no smell or shoe odor.


One particular ultaviolet shoe sanitizer is the ShoeZap. It ensures all your shoes are bacteria and fungus-free and hygienic. It slides into any size shoe, womens, mens, teens, and childrens, and then the UVC germicidal light works its magic, killing harmful and odor-causing germs that make feet stink and itch.

Granted, it does provide a safer, more effective alternative to the traditional food odor sprays and powders but it’s on the higher end, at $89. For people with frequent foot or toenail infections, especially those with diabetes, this ultraviolet shoe insert could be a great investment. Just one ShoeZap does, however, come with two sanitizers so you can clean one pair of shoes at a time. It only takes fifteen minutes to fully sanitize the insides of shoes which is pretty fast if you’re in a hurry.

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