Sharper image Digital Ultrasonic Humidifier

The Sharper Image Digital Ultrasonic Humidifier – It’s the Smartest Humidifier Yet

Sharper image Digital Ultrasonic Humidifier

In the winter months, dry air can really be a problem. When not enough moisture is in the air, it causes dry skin, painfully cracked lips, and dry nasal passages – all things that are extremely irritating and uncomfortable. Instead of just dealing with it through the cooler months, many people have a small humidifier that really is a great fix. Humidifiers like the Sharper Image Digital Ultrasonic Humidifier can make a big difference in air moisture, continuously putting water back into the environment so you can breathe easier and keep dry, itchy skin at bay.

Some home humidifiers are more advanced than others. The Sharper Image Digital Ultrasonic Humidifier, is fairly advanced in that it has way more features than standard machines: air purification and ionizing capabilities, a touchscreen, built-in fan, and the ability to adjust the level of humidity you want in a room are just a few.

While most tabletop humidifiers are fairly low-tech, this one actually lets you control it wirelessly with a remote. But one of the real advantages of the higher quality options like Sharper Image’s Digital Ultrasonic Humidifier, is the amount of square feet covered. This compact and easy-to-move digital humidifier provides increased humidity levels in rooms 320-430 square feet.


Still very lightweight like what you’ll find in almost all humidifiers, (just under 5 lbs) this misting machine really overshadows others. Just consider the large water-holding tank; it certainly takes the pain out of continuously having to refill it. This model holds five liters which lasts up to 26 hours of constant misting on the low setting. Additionally, the Digital Ultrasonic Humidifier does something that very few other humidifying machines do – allow you to use essential oils and other aromatherapy fragrances.

The Sharper Image Digital Ultrasonic Humidifier: an investment in your health

That’s truly an innovative feature because essential oils have so many health benefits, besides just smelling wonderful. They are believed to increase sleep quality, balance moods, and even calm the mind. So, incredibly, if you’ve added some essential oil into the Sharper Image humidifier, it’s like having two machines in one – an essential oil diffuser and a humidifier.

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