The Oska Pulse: A Wearable that Eliminates Prescription Painkillers

Oska Pulse eliminates prescription pills and painkillers for pain management

When pain is interfering with daily life and other pain management techniques are failing, what do you do? So many Americans deal with pain, whether it be due to health-related pain, a work-related injury, or car accident. Many people struggle so much they have a hard time just managing to function at work but there is one drug-free pain management solution that provides relief right at the source of pain: the Oska Pulse.

The PEMF technology inside every Oska Pulse

Oska Pulse is a clinically-proven device that you can wear and even travel with to ease pain caused by a number of sources. It uses PEMF technology, (a.k.a. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy) the same found in many doctors’ offices around the world. Surprisingly, most people don’t even know about PEMF technology!

The makers of the Oska Pulse, however, have set out to deliver this technology to people not just at doctors’ offices but in their homes, making it widely accessible. Already, many people are regaining their quality of life using this at-home pain relief wearable and without the need of prescription pain drugs.


Unlike prescription painkillers, this drug-free pain management technique comes without negative side effects. Since it’s so lightweight and has a long battery life, it’s very easy and convenient to take wherever you go. The large compression wrap that comes with every Oska Pulse is very easy to put on and comfortable to wear.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy is certainly nothing new. It has been successfully used for 60 plus years in clinical settings. However, we are now seeing a wave of new pulse devices that are putting the technology in the hands of everyday individuals who need drug-free pain management.

The power lies in the pulsed electromagnetic fields the machine uses. They increase circulation, reduce inflammation, and even improve people’s ability to move easier. These pulses help the body recover faster by affecting the positive and negative charges inside the cells. When the cells are properly balanced, they are much more efficient at eliminating toxins and performing their functions. Healthier cells equals less pain and inflammation.

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