The Moto G Fast and Moto E Review

The Moto G Fast and Moto E Review

Motorola has been a consistent contender in the affordable phone market for many years now. The Moto G Fast and the Mote E are the two latest offerings that fit this mold. Both come in at under $200 and provide just enough features to make them attractive at that price point. So how do these phones stack up to the myriad of additional devices at this price range? Keep reading to find out!

The Moto G Fast picks up where the G Play series left off
The G series from Motorola has always delivered a quality mobile experience at a reasonable price. As the name implies, the new Fast model aims to process data much quicker than the previous phones in this line. The Snapdragon 665 processor provides a fluid experience as you navigate the interface. It runs on Android 10 and provides all of the functionality users expect from that OS.

The screen is 6.4 inches and displays a resolution of 720×1560. Image quality is excellent and videos can be enjoyed with ease. There are three cameras on the back that take 16, 8, and 2 MP photos respectively. The 8 MP camera features an ultra-wide-angle lens that can be used to add flair to an image. For storing your photos and other media, the G Fast comes with 32 GB of internal storage. If you need more, you can always insert an SD card as long as it doesn’t exceed 512 GB.


The exterior of the phone is stylish and unique. The chrome finish is a solid flourish that will likely turn heads as you pull it out of your pocket. There is also an IP52 coating that will protect the device from light rain or moderate splashes. Although it isn’t as rigged as some advanced mobile devices, it will last a good while if you take care of it properly.

The Mote E offers tons of bang for your buck
Anyone looking for the best value on a budget should absolutely consider the Moto E. Although it still uses the old Snapdragon 632 processor, it manages to provide a robust mobile experience. Depending on how old your existing phone is, the 632 may offer a sizeable upgrade in performance. It features 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage. You can also insert an SD card to expand the storage to a maximum of 512 GB.

For those who love taking pictures, you will be happy to note that the Moto E comes with two rear-facing cameras. The 13 MP and 2 MP cameras work in tandem to capture the minute details of an image. While you can get way stronger cameras on other devices, this duo still provides HD image quality. The battery is pretty decent and holds 3,550 mAh per charge. The only downside is that it still has a micro-USB charging port. This is practically unheard of in 2020, but Motorola had to cut costs somewhere to keep the price so low.

Should you purchase the Moto E or the Moto G Fast?
Both of these phones offer considerable value for the price. However, the G Fast offers a sizeable upgrade in power and speed over the E. You also get a USB-C charging port that will save you so much time in the long run. If you can spend the extra money for the G Fast, then do it without looking back. If you want to be as cost-effective as possible, the E still provides an excellent mobile experience for the price.