The high-tech Way to Monitor Glucose Levels: the iHealth Wireless Smart Glucometer

When you want to monitor your glucose levels, which glucometer do you choose? There are hundreds or more different devices to choose from. While you can always purchase a standard meter from your local drugstore, today, advancements in these diabetes-monitoring devices are integrating wireless technology just like other health-tracking devices. Take the iHealth Wireless Smart Glucometer, for example. This FDA-approved glucometer measures glucose levels and then displays them on your smartphone. Tracking your blood sugar levels over time has never been easier.

The iHealth Gluco-Smart App

Whether you have diabetes or you simply want to monitor blood sugar levels for other health reasons, the iHealth wireless smart glucometer makes keeping track of readings much simpler. No more having to jot down readings in a diabetes log book or journal. Both Apple and Android-compatible, by downloading the iHealth Gluco-Smart app on your Apple Smart watch or other wearable tech device, you can check out your data anywhere.

Yes, the iHealth Gluco-Smart App actually becomes a digital logbook for your blood sugar tracking and you can easily share it with your doctor. Simply turn on your Bluetooth for data-syncing to the app. Granted, you don’t even have to connect to the app at all if you don’t wish to. You can still read your blood sugar levels straight from the iHealth wireless smart glucometer.


Maybe you’re a caretaker and need to keep a close check on their blood sugar readings. This device is perfect. There’s no why to lie about the readings, and you can see they’ve been checked. Plus, it puts it into an easy-to-understand form using color-coded data, charts, and graphs. Like most other glucose testing meters, this one only takes 5 minutes to get a reading.

A durable glucose meter for less than $15 dollars

This innovative health gadget is built to last about five years. Not bad for a device that costs less than $15 dollars. In addition to the glucometer, the iHealth Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System includes 10 testing strips, 10 lancets, control solution, lancing device, and a carry bag. One thing to note, however, you will have to use iHealth Test Strips with iHealth’s wireless smart glucometer but they only cost about $12 for a 50-count box.

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