The Happify App aims to make you happier in just 2 months

Could an app really make you a happier person? Happify thinks so. Their app is helping users conquer negative thoughts, forming better habits and thought processes to achieve better wellbeing. You could also consider it a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) app for your smartphone, as it utilizes exercises that help improve your mental health. The best part? Happyify says you can become happier in just two months by doing these easy exercises.

The science behind the Happify App

Happify says it’s “the single destination for effective, evidence-based solutions for better mental health and wellbeing in the 21st century.” Whoa… that’s quite a statement. There are a lot of skeptics who probably need much more than big promises, especially if they’ve tried other apps or tools to improve their mental health.

However, what does lend some serious credibility to this happiness app is that it was designed with scientific evidence in mind. First and foremost, you may ask yourself, can we really change how happy we are? Science says yes, we can. Decades of research (yes decades!) point to the fact we can actually practice skills to increase our happiness. The six skills that form the Happify framework include:

  • Savoring experiences
  • Being thankful
  • Aspiring for things
  • Giving
  • Empathizing
  • Reviving physical health

How does Happify work?

Do you struggle with anxiety, being stressed out all the time, feeling sad, or just being an overall “Negative Nelly? This CBT app makes it easy for you to track, log, and understand your emotions you experience during the day. It gives you engaging activities and games accessible on your smart phone, computer, or tablet. As you make progress, check out your happiness score which gives you visible graph of your positive emotions before and after.

It only requires a few minutes a day, whenever you have a free moment. Signing up is quick and easy. Simply answer a few simple questions like gender, age, relationship status, and whether you have a medical condition that is impacting your overall happiness or stress levels. You can connect your Facebook account or your email account.

Next, you’re ready to select a “track”, for instance “Conquer Your Negative Thinking” or “Fuel Your Career Success”. There are many to choose from. Some are free and others are listed as premium.

Over 86% of regular Happify users surveyed saw happiness improvements in 2 months. Are ready for your own digital happiness coach? Check out the Happify App for yourself here at

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