The Easiest Way to Check Breath Odor: the Fitscan Breath Checker

Ever wonder if your breath needs a re-fresher? Or, maybe, you’ve been secretly wondering for years if you suffer from halitosis? There’s a super cool device now that will actually check your breath for you. If you’ve got bad breath, the Fitscan Breath Checker will let you know first.

Worrying whether your breath is bad means you’re not 100% confident and that can certainly affect how you interact with people. Maybe your job requires you to be in close contact with people regularly, or maybe you’re single and don’t have anyone to point out to you when your breath stinks. Friends will often lie when someone asks them, “hey, does my breath stink?” but the Fitscan never does. It’s not worried about hurting your feelings, it will tell you if you need a breath mint or some mouthwash with a fair and honest reading.

Instead of being haliphobic, or being seen as unattractive when dating, simply turn this hand-held device on, breathe into the sensor, and the digital display will show you the level of odor on your breath. It takes literally seconds, and the results appear in six color coded levels with a red and green LED display.


The technology behind the Fitscan Breath analysis Checker is a Semi-Conductor gas sensor. This sensor measures how much volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) are present in your breath. These VSCs are what oral bacteria give off, making breath less than pleasant. In order to get the most accurate reading, don’t use the device sooner than ten minutes after you’ve ate.

Right now, the Fitscan Breath Checker is less than $45 dollars online, so it’s just the thing to have in your briefcase or purse. Plus, it only weights 2.6 ounces so it won’t weigh you down. It only requires two AAA batteries (included) and will last for about 1,000 measurements so you should get your money’s worth with this breath checker. Never let bad breath go unchecked again, and stop worrying if you have bad breath unnecessarily. Measure your breath odor levels fast and discreetly, anytime, anywhere with Fitscan.

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