The De’Longhi Airfryer: The Gadget for Health-Conscious Foodie’s

Enjoying air fried food with De'Longhi airfryer

Great technology is more than just something you want, it’s something you can’t possibly live without. When a gadget changes your life for the better, we think that’s something special. Having tools that make everyday tasks a little easier are what we’re all searching for, and having them in our kitchens is just the beginning. Cooking and meal prep take time out of our day, especially if we’re trying to lose weight. But what if there was a tool that allows you to be more productive in the kitchen and eat healthier at the same time? Meet the De’Longhi airfryer!


The De’Longhi Airfryer is a great kitchen staple, particularly if you enjoy fried foods. You get the same great taste and texture of fried foods but with just a fraction of the oil. Plus, there’s no batch of oil to clean up and it’s safe, unlike frying at home. The De’Longhi airfryer is able to fry up to 1 1⁄2 pounds of crispy, delicious French fries with less than 1 tablespoon of oil. Want to make a quick batch of frozen fries? This requires absolutely zero oil… a way healthier and lower-calorie alternative to using a traditional deep fryer.

The De’Longhi airfryer is much like a convection oven. It lets you cook, bake and broil foods at varying cooking speeds. Need to feed a large family. No problem. Just cooking for one. This airfryer will accommodate that as well.


How this high-tech kitchen tool works

De’Longhi utilizes a special technology called SCS (Surround Cooking System) for their airfryer machine. It perfectly surrounds food with heat for even cooking. Built right into every airfryer is an upper and lower heating element, heat circulation fan, and mixing paddle that auto stirs food.

Forget turning fries in the oven or having hot oil spatter in the deep fryer – they’s a better, healthier way to make fried foods: the Airfryer multi cooker. The name says it all: multi cooker. You can prepare sauces, steaks, salmon, baked pizzas, cakes and pies in this one machine.

Want to eat homemade French fries at home without all the calories and grease? You can get the De’Longhi airfryer just about anywhere, including Bed Bath and Beyond, Amazon, and (It sells for less than $135 on Amazon).

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