The ClearUp Sinus System clears sinuses without sprays, pills, or flushes

ClearUp sinus system eliminates nasals sprays, pills and sinus flushes

Frequent sinus infections and a stuffed up nose can really prevent you from being your best self. Sinus pain and inflammation is no fun, and that’s why there are a number of sinus clearing devices that offer healthy solutions to sinus trouble. One FDA-approved product for sinuses is the ClearUp Sinus System. It stimulates sinus nerve fibers under the skin using microcurrent waves… How cool is that? 
Incredibly, this sinus device aims to eliminate pills, nose sprays, and nasal flushes while delivering superior benefits for sinus sufferers. Because the microcurrent waveforms produced by ClearUp are gentle, safe, and proven effective in clinical trials, you can clear your sinuses and get relief from sinus pain fast. It only takes five minutes.  

You simply apply it to your cheeks, nose or under the brow bone where the sinuses are located, and select from three levels of intensity. It’s chemical-free, non-invasive, small and portable, and unlike pills and certain nasal sprays it’s non-addictive. While these types of products in all fairness can come with fast relief from sinus problems, there is much debate as to how safe they are to use, especially on a regular basis.  

The ClearUp Sinus system replaces the need for over-the-counter sinus medication 

We all know the effect taking antihistamines like Benadryl (diphenhydramine) for allergies can have… four hours later you’re still drowsy. That’s just not practical for most people who work or lead busy lives, and evidence is mounting that these over-the-counter medications are detrimental for long-term use


You can use this natural sinus-clearing remedy up to four times a day and sinus relief will last up to six hours. It’s perfect for anyone who has frequent sinus infections, suffer from allergies, and those with deviated septum. Because it is small and light-weight it’s super convenient to carry it with you to work or while travelling.

The makers, Tivic Health, are a company based out of California. They first launched the product in 2019 on their website but it’s available now at many locations such as Walgreens, CVS, and BestBuy. How much does it retail for? Well, depending on where you buy the ClearUp sinus system, it will cost about $149 USD.

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