The Avari toothbrush sanitizer kills bacteria fast

Shocking fact: Over 100 million bacteria live on your toothbrush! From E. coli and staphylococci bacteria, to fecal germs, they’ve all been found on toothbrushes according to researchers. It probably makes you want to throw your toothbrush out right away and replace it with a new one. However, there’s a better way – clean it with the Avari toothbrush sanitizer. This eco-friendly way to sanitize your toothbrush is so simple, and it fits right on your bathroom counter or mounted on the wall.

It’s not only more sanitary, it can also help keep breath odor in check. There are so many bacteria that live on our toothbrushes but we typically don’t think to clean them. But now that there’s a simple way to do so, why not? It only takes 10 minutes.

How the Avari toothbrush sanitizer works

The Avari toothbrush sanitizer sterilizes your toothbrush with UV technology and heat so your toothbrush is germ-free every time you use it. When you get a cold or flu, no need to throw out your toothbrush. Just use the Avari toothbrush sanitizer. It destroys up to 99.9% of bacteria and germs!


The way it kills bacteria is through the UV germicidal LEDs and heating plate. While the UV lights kill the bacteria, the heating plate eliminates any moisture left on toothbrushes or razors to prevent the growth of future bacteria. It’s a smart toothbrush (link to Autobrush V3 Toothbrush) cleaning system that utilizes technology, not chemicals.

It also can be used as a razor sanitizer, keeping razor blades nice and clean to prevent acne or bacterial skin infections. It stores three toothbrushes plus one razor at a time (or a total of 5 toothbrushes). And, if you have made the switch to eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes, no need to worry, it works with all types of toothbrushes (wood, plastic, or metal). Customers on Amazon say they even use it with their electric toothbrush, so it’s super versatile.

Ready to disinfect your toothbrush with this UV sanitizer? You can get the Avari toothbrush sanitizer on Amazon for less than $50 dollars, and it’s prime-eligible.

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