The Autobrush V3 Toothbrush Zaps Bacteria with blue light technology

autobrush v3 toothbrush

When it comes to oral health, keeping teeth clean is absolutely paramount. It’s truly shocking, but dogs and humans have about the same number of bacteria in their mouths. To keep these bacteria in check, we need to brush regularly to avoid plaque build-up so we can avoid cavities and worse… gingivitis. One of the latest tools that has come out now lets you not only brush your teeth but zap bacteria with blue light technology. It’s called the Autobrush V3 Toothbrush.

This high-tech teeth cleaning device delivers professional cleaning and whitening with a push of a button – all without the time and expensive of going to the dentist. While there certainly is no replacement for regular dental cleanings and checkups, the makers taut is as the “robot dentist” for its substantial cleaning power

Some of the features that set the Autobrush V3 Toothbrush apart from other automatic toothbrushes are the higher frequency of vibrations it produces. This allows more plaque and bacteria to loosen away from teeth and gums with the multi-angled silicone bristles. The electronic brush head is still gentle enough to use every day.


While you’re using the Autobrush’s automatic cleaning setting, a dental grade LED blue light also works double duty, whitening your teeth at the same time. It’s certainly a time-saver if you use LED teeth whiteners like the Snow device.

Plus, the waterproof design prevents the device from damage or shorting out if you get it wet. It includes a battery indicator light so you know how much charge is remaining. Now, ladies will particularly like this feature: the Autobrush V3 is completely wireless, even when charging so you don’t have unsightly cords in the bathroom.

Choosing a Toothpaste for the AutoBrush V3 Toothbrush

While the Autobrush V3 has its own whitening foam toothpaste that comes with the AutoBrush bundle, you can also use your own toothpaste or eco-friendly toothpaste tablets. The foam whitening toothpaste that AutoBrush sells is very high-quality. It’s vegan, non-GMO, and free of fluoride and gluten. The reviews really speak for themselves on AutoBrush’s website.

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