Stay On Top of Your Fitness Goals with the Motiv Ring Fitness Tracker

motiv ring

Wearable fitness is all the rage these days, and for good reason… never before have we had so much power to track our fitness right in own our hands (literally). While you’ve likely seen wearable fitness bracelets and smartwatches, the latest trend is fitness rings. Fitness rings like the Motiv Ring are providing the same amazing features but in a fraction of the size.

The Motiv Ring: Small in Size, Big on Function

The Motiv Ring is by far one of the smallest wearable fitness trackers ever, yet it fully delivers all the health analytics you desire: activity, sleep patterns, and heart rate. If weight loss is important to you, you’ll love how easy it is to track your goals with the Motiv app. It tells you the number of steps you take in a day (pedometer tracking), the distance you travel, and total calories burned. Progress is made easier with the Motiv Ring!

This wearable technology not only has a super-cool design, the microtechnology built right in keeps it safe in depth of 165 feet of water, allows fast charging (just 90 minutes), and keeps the battery up for three days maximum. Who says a wearable fitness device need by high maintenance?


Because it’s waterproof, the Motiv Ring is that much more durable. While we certainly wouldn’t recommend accidentally putting it in the washing machine, there’s no need to remove it while in the shower, doing the dishes, or going for a swim.

And, it’s worth mentioning the Motiv fitness-tracking Ring does something others don’t: it helps protect you when you’re online with 2-Step Verification. Protect your social media and email accounts from hacking and shop safer online, all by simply wearing a ring.

A Fitbit Alternative?

You could definitely call this device a Fitbit alternative because it’s just as good or better in terms of design and function. Plus, it’s compatible with select iOS and Android devices, Apple Health and Google fit. For just under $200 dollars on Amazon it’s still quite pricey (as are most wearable health trackers) but the durable design is likely to make the Motiv Ring last longer than other devices.

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