Smileactives Review

Smileactives is a brand of teeth whitening pen that is supposed to rival the more established brands like Crest and Arm and Hammer. The competition feature either whitening toothpastes or strips that are applied to the teeth for whitening purposes after the toothbrushing procedure.


In the case of Smileactives

It is designed as a complementary gel to the toothpaste gel. As portrayed, a squeeze from the Smileactives tube pen is placed directly on the toothbrush side by side with the user’s chosen toothpaste.


The claim of Smileactives is that there should be a noticeable improvement in the whiteness of the teeth within a range of several days up to 2 months. And if unsatisfied with the results of the product, if could be returned within 60 days for refund even if the tube pens are empty. Why plural – tube pens? Because Smileactives are sold buy 1 take 1 for $19.95 (at 50 percent discount with free shipping) and returnable within 60 days if unsatisfied with the products.

In this Smileactives review,

among the unsatisfied customers, they warn other would be buyers to read the fine print word by word. Most didn’t realize they signed up not only for the initial purchase but also for an automatic renewal of purchases for the next 3 months. And these initial and renewal purchases are charged automatically to their credit cards. Meaning to say, you have to have a stock of Smileactives good for 3 months once you agree to the initial catch $19.95 of buy one take one teeth whitening tube pens.

But all are not negative criticism

For Smileactives. As a matter of fact, in the featured customer survey, 81 percent of them recommend the purchase and use of Smileactives. That’s 557 satisfied purchasers out of 684 customers who desire for whiter teeth.

Among the contented buyers, their ages range from 18 to 74 and they have noticed positive results within a couple of days to a maximum of 2 months. Obviously, most of them didn’t mind the subtle additional clauses in the buyer’s agreement that they commit to a mandatory 3 month repurchase period.

As for the dissatisfied customers, Smileactives unfortunately didn’t work out on their teeth to the whiteness that they aspire them to be. And another big issue that Smileactives have to contend with is that some of its buyers felt they were misled with the fine print agreement when they did the initial buy one take one purchase. They allege that the printing of the words were to small and they never knew they were trapped in a repurchase scheme.

As a point of analysis, sometimes these types of products rely on the chemical compatibility of the user’s chemical profile with that of the ingredients of Smileactives. Most of the users have chemical makeup that have positive reaction to Smileactives which resulted into whiter teeth, while the minority apparently didn’t have that compatibility. Add also bad luck wherein the dissatisfied customers didn’t have chemical compatibility with the product plus they didn’t carefully read the small print of the buyer’s agreement. Double jeopardy.

Overall, Smileactives satisfied the majority of its users, but it is recommended that they enlarge their buyer’s agreement.