Shift Your Mood to a Higher State of Being with the EmWave 2

emwave 2

When we think of health and wellness we often think of diet and exercise. But there’s a new approach to health and wellness that doesn’t involve either one. It’s called EmWave 2 technology. It’s a modern tool that can be used to help improve overall health and reduce stress that often plagues our modern lives.

Rooted in the practice of adjusting the heart rhythm pattern, it creates what’s known as coherence, a state of being marked by increased harmony in psychological and physiological processes. It is also a scientifically measurable state, and you can track it fairly easily using a device called the EmWave 2.

Shift your mood using biofeedback

The emWave 2 is a revolutionary biofeedback device that helps you find balance, release stress, and build resilience. It literally shifts your mood as you become conscious of your breathing and take steps to find your inner calm. Plus, it literally helps track your calmness over time. When you want to track your weight or fitness, you wear a fitness tracker but when you want to track your stress levels, this is the go-to device.


How the emWave 2 works

While it may sound far-out, this portable device actually changes your heart beat. The rhythm of our heart beat has a real impact on our feelings and thoughts, according to science. By changing heart rhythm, we change our mood, and over time, this has a cumulative effect on our health:

  • increased calmness
  • improved focus and energy
  • better sleep
  • less anxiety
  • a more positive outlook

The anti-anxiety device collects data with the built-in pulse sensor and relays it into easy to understand graphics. It’s compatible with PC and Mac so all you do is connect it with the USB cord. The device itself displays a color-coordinated light based on your stress level. You can actually see your state of being shift by looking at the light indicator on the EmWave 2. It shifts from red to blue and then green which is indicative of a low-stress, positive state.

Whenever you feel yourself getting anxious, stressed, frustrated, or angry, simply use this device to help you practice being calmer and more relaxed. You can use it on the go or at your computer. The idea is the more you practice, the better your health, relationships, and quality of life will be, and the less you need the device.

You only have to use this biofeedback device a few minutes a day to see improvement, but you can use it as often as you like. To get a reading, either attach it to your ear or use the thumb sensor. The ear sensor uses a very small amount of infrared light to measure the speed of blood flow inside the ear. The sensor transfers the data to the handheld device to calculate the heart rate variability.

The Inner Balance App

It even has an app that can be used with it called Inner Balance. Available for Android and iOS smart devices, it connects to your emWave devices with Bluetooth technology. The Inner Balance app has a lot of perks, including a journal with mood choosing option, a full history of tracking to see the progress you’ve made, and sharing capability.

Using a handheld biofeedack device like this can even help people with PTSD. One reviewer on the emWave website says, “My emWave has significantly helped me handle and process PTSD from 16 years ago. I don’t suggest abandoning therapy, but this is an amazing way to manage anxiety symptoms…”

Currently, the emWave 2 sells for $149 direct from the maker, HeartMath. It’s difficult to tell if it will be available on Amazon any time soon but there are almost 200 product reviews there. Overall, it has a 3.7-star rating.

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