Reap the Benefits of Infrared Sauna with High Tech Health’s Latest Edition

There’s almost nothing like a 20-minute sweat session in an infrared sauna pod to make you feel energized and feeling your best. There’s a long list of health benefits from using infrared saunas: improved sleep and relaxation, detoxification, weight loss, muscle and joint pain relief, and improved circulation are just a few. These amazing benefits are possible because they utilize far infrared light. It is this technology that makes it all possible, with some pods like the Transcend 3 from High Tech Health, even incorporating an anti-EMF field heater to mitigate the total EMF (electromagnetic field) levels.

Besides the health benefits of infrared sauna, many people prefer them over traditional sauna because it doesn’t create extreme heat. The infrared lamps produce EMFs that only gently warm the body. But besides the added comfort, the transcend 3 personal sauna from High Tech Health is on the cutting-edge of far infrared sauna technology. It has something most other infrared saunas do not: a triple antifield infrared heater to significantly lower the EMF levels.

This patented feature is what allows the sauna pod to mitigate the EMF produced by the electrical function, ensuring that it has the lowest total EMF of any other infrared heater. This is very important because if EMF levels are too high in an infrared sauna, this can completely outweigh any benefits it may offer.


The Transcend 3 not only accommodates a total of three people at a time, it has a Fresh Air Fan that maximizes air circulation and even a radio and sound system. And this infrared sauna pod from High Tech Health also incorporates its own unique lighting and chromotherapy LEDs that make it all that more comfortable to use. A total of 96 long-lasting, LEDs allow for activities such as reading, and you can control the lighting levels and color. There are twelve colors to choose from all in order according to the human chakra levels.

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