Pandemic-Proof Party Suit Created

Production Club, a company dedicated to building festivals and shows, ensures that with this device, users will be protected against any virus.

A creative studio in Los Angeles has moved away from the light shows, sound design and interactive installations that dominate the concert scene to create a costume that allows people to live free from any pandemic.

Production Club is a studio located in California city and has been in charge of international festivals such as the Electric Jungle in Shenzhen, China, or the first Amazon music, arts and technology festival last year.


The company carried out everything from concept to execution, including production, promotion, art direction, and even a partnership with Intel, which allowed 500 synchronized drones to fly in three consecutive nights, according to information on their website.

But without concerts or festivals, the imagination of the members of this production house turned to a solution that not only works in the context of the coronavirus but also protects humanity against any similar threat: a protective suit called Micrashell.

The company points out that the characteristics of this high-tech suit are aimed at allowing people to have fun without having to establish social distance.

In addition to isolation, the suit includes telephone integration, beverage and vapor consumption, voice communication, a subwoofer sound system, a video camera, fashion accessories and a breathable helmet with a clear view.

“With everyone in our industry focused on developing virtual solutions, we decided to focus on something more emotional, physical and inherently human so that the industry as a whole can have a wider opportunity to recover quickly,” said Miguel Risueno, Director of Inventions for the Production Club.

The company’s Head of Special Projects, Corey Johnson, added that events are essential to the human experience and create the memories that define our lives.

“While we may not see an event the size of Coachella for some time, we are excited about the challenge of creating innovative solutions to drive quality live entertainment and human connection,” he explained.

The company clarified that the suit is only a prototype and no physical models have been made, but if the virus doesn’t go away and the necessary blocking measures by the Covid-19 continue to move forward, it may need to become a reality.

The suit is designed to protect the wearer from viruses such as the coronavirus, but only seals the upper body, allowing normal clothing to be worn.

In addition, according to the Production Club website, this design allows you to go to the bathroom and have sex without having to take off your suit.

It also includes a custom monitoring and emotion-emitting lighting system that is composed of several groups of screens and addressable SMD RGBWA LEDs to facilitate emotional connection and act as indicators of the wearer’s mood, needs, warnings, messages and desires.