North Focals 2.0: These Smart Glasses are the Future of Eyewear

North Focals 2.0 Smart Glasses are much more than meets the eye. At a glance, you see a pair of stylish eyeglasses but upon closer examination, they are the eyewear of the future. These high-tech smart glasses are like a mini computer that you wear, delivering the same high-tech features of your smartphone. Heck, they may very well even replace our smartphones soon.

What Focals 2.0 Smart Glasses Do that Ordinary Glasses Don’t

Focals are custom-made smart glasses that give you access to pretty much what your smartphone does, (even Google Fit data and other digital health apps) but without the distraction. Focals let you see all the things you want without losing sight of the world around you.

View your messages, turn-by-turn navigation directions, calendars, weather and more, plus, access Amazon Alexa, Spotify, even hail a ride through Uber. The smart glasses still allow you to get all the updates you would on your smartphone with the ability to make replies with emojis, snooze delays, check Slack and Gmail messages, and more.


The End of Smartphone Distraction?



While we all want to stay in the know and multi-task, we shouldn’t be risking our lives to do so, right? We are so distracted all the time, whether driving or even crossing the street. That’s where this wearable technology could really disrupt the status quo, particularly the smartphone. It may be a while until we’re all using smart glasses like these to make all our calls but it seems that’s where the future is headed.

North Focals 2.0 smart glasses are a must for travelers

While traveling can have its joys, it can also be a royal pain. Just keeping up with all your stuff can be a quite the hassle. If you’ve ever had the experience of losing your smartphone while en-route to another city or country, you know how horrendous this can be.

But if you travel with Focals Smart Glasses, you can rest assured, there will be no hitch in your plans. You still have all the necessary travel tools in your reach, and it’s much harder to lose, since you’re wearing these glasses right on your head. Yes, losing your mobile will always set back your wallet, but it won’t spoil your trip. You’ll still be able to listen to music from Spotify, get an Uber, navigate to your destination, and get flight updates.

North says Focals 2.0 Smart Glasses will have better prescription support, a lighter and sleeker design, and dramatic improvements in retinal display and image sharpness. Plus, you can still customize your settings and updates right from the Focals App. (Of course these glasses have their own app!). The most fashion-forward smart glasses yet, the first generation of Focals 2.0 will be shipped in 2020. If you just can’t wait that long, check out the

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