Nest WiFi: New Google Routers Are Faster, Have More Range And Come With Music

Google continues to support its home products catalog. Years ago, Google released its smart routers the Google WiFi but has now changed them to Nest WiFi, a new mesh connection system that improves power, coverage and smart features.

However, the biggest surprise we can find in the new generation of Google smart routers is that they incorporate a smart speaker inside, so we will have two devices in one.

The new Nest WiFi system consists of a router (which we will connect to our operator’s) and an additional access point. As with the previous generation, we have a flexible and scalable system. That is to say, at any time we can add new connection points to amplify the network mesh that we have at home. In fact, the new WiFi Nest points are compatible with the previous generation, so you can buy one of these and improve the network we already had installed at home.



Faster, farther

The new generation of Google’s smart routers go one step further in coverage, connection speed and connection stability. While the previous generation needed two units to cover between 85 and 170 square meters, the Nest WiFi pack of two units now reaches 210 square meters.

The new router has twice the WiFi transmissions and more than twice the processing power, providing up to 25% more coverage and faster speeds of up to 2.2 Gb per second. This not only means that your Internet connection go farther, but it is designed to support the highest possible load of smart devices that you are able to have at home.


google nest wifi
google nest wifi


“Ok Google, play music”

The new access points have a great novelty that we did not have in the previous generation: they are also a smart speaker. They incorporate Google’s assistant, have long-range microphones to pick up commands we tell them and sound better than you would expect from what a simple mesh router looks like.


The Nest WiFi point is equipped inside with the same speaker as the Nest Mini, so the user can play music by creating groups of devices with other intelligent speakers from the company as well as with the different access points available. However, it should be noted that the router does not have the benefits of the Assistant, so here we will have neither microphones nor speakers.


The advantage of having the assistant in the routers is that we will be able to interact with them without entering the app to check the status of the network. It’s a step ahead in Google’s efforts to have a smart home. When we want to turn off the microphone, we only need to press the tab located at the back and then the router will change color.


This router hits with everything

Another aspect that Google has put more emphasis on has been design. The company argues that “routers should not be hidden in a tangle of wires, underneath or inside a cabinet, as the WiFi signal is weakened”, which is why the Nest WiFi has a careful design and much more refined than the previous generation.


Although its size is very similar to the family launched a couple of years ago, the visual sensation it gives is completely different. Thanks to its rounded corners, it feels smaller than it really is.


The WiFi points have a striking LED light on the bottom that reacts when we are asking for commands or managing the volume.