portable water filter

lifestraw: A Portable Water Filter with Life-Saving technology

portable water filter

While portable water filters can be really convenient, they can also be life-savers. With increasingly eco-conscious consumers, we’re seeing a big surge of portable sterilization systems. These simplified water-cleaning devices like CrazyCap, for instance, are making clean drinking water accessible to everyone, no matter what continent you live on.

But yet another water filtering device that is worth talking about is the LifeStraw. They can literally take a dirty mud puddle and turn the water into clean, safe drinking water. Yes, the LifeStraw filters water anywhere, anytime, whether you’re trying to filter out contaminants from tap water or a stream out in nature.

This portable water filter cleans 99.99% of bacteria, to get technical. Just one of the pros of using it is it’s a 100% chemical- free method of sanitizing water. Being a simple device, it’s also pretty durable and economical, at approximately $12 dollars each.


People online rave about the LifeStraw. From backpackers, to adventure-seeking outdoorsmen, and everyone in between… people brag about how they used it to drink brown scum water and never got sick. It’s been put to the test again and again (by many brave people!)

LifeStraw Technology

The LifeStraw has the best water-cleaning technology. Not only does it remove 99.99% of bacteria, it eliminates 99.9% of of parasites, too. It’s a completely battery-free device that never needs charging, so for an emergency you can’t do better than this. Where other portable water filters are heavy or need charging, this one is very lightweight at only 2 ounces.

Every LifeStraw contains hollow fiber membrane technology. Certain models also incorporate an activated carbon component. This technology can be used to save a life, whether it be that of a Guatemalan girl whose drinking water is contaminated with deadly bacteria or a stranded hiker in the Catskill Mountains.

Who is LifeStraw for?

All travelers, campers, hikers, or mountain bikers need to have the LifeStraw portable water filter for emergency water access. If you’re a doomsday prepper, you also need one! The good news is, these life-saving devices are less than $20 dollars, so they are very affordable.

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