Keep Weight in Check with the QardioBase 2 Smart Scale

Holding ourselves accountable is absolutely critical when we’re trying to achieve weight loss or fitness goals. With today’s althleisure trend, more people are wearing leggings and stretchy fabrics to work than ever before. While comfy, this type of attire can make it that much more difficult to notice weight creeping up. If we can’t measure it, we have no idea whether we’re making progress. That’s where a wireless smart scale like the QardioBase 2 comes in really handy.

Unlike the old-fashioned bathroom scales that only tell you your weight or an estimated BMI (in more advanced models), the QuardioBase accurately measures weight, BMI, and tracks changes in your body composition (muscle, body fat, water, bone).

Access QardioBase from Your Smartphone

Using the power of Wifi technology, it syncs with the apps you use like Apple Health, Samsung Health, My Fitness Pal, Google Fit and Cronometer. The Qardio app is free to download and it is another aspect that sets the QardioBase apart from other “dumb” scales. It lets you track and monitor your fitness goals wherever your smart phone may be – in another room, in your car, at the office… ANYWHERE.


Some other features that make it even more convenient to use is the fact no batteries are required after it charges with a USB cable. You won’t have to recharge it again for 12 months. The high-tech auto user detection lets multiple people use the scale. After stepping on, the smart scales detect up to 8 users but even a non-programmed user can use it as well.

So how much does the QardioBase WiFi Smart Scale cost? Currently, on Amazon and direct from the QardioBase website, they are $99 USD – not a bad price at all. But is it really worth it to upgrade your bathroom scale to this high-tech smart scale? Well, the reviews on Amazon speak for themselves. Over half of purchases just from Amazon give it at least 4 stars.

While the first model had a few complaints of wobbliness, the latest smart scale model, (the QardioBase 2) seems to have solved this by putting extra feet under the scale. I think that it really speaks to the company’s desire to make it better and better. This is awesome for customers because over time, they’re sure to improve the QardioBase app, too which can benefit past and future customers.

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