High Tech Fidget Spinners combine Stress relief and bluetooth technology

high tech fidget spinner

There are certain trends that just never seem to die. Take paracord bracelets, for example. They just keep changing, and new styles are still coming out. Fidget spinners are no different. They have, however, gotten a lot more tech-savvy. High tech fidget spinners do way more than their sibling versions.

From their simple beginnings as a toy for stress relief or fidgeting, now they’re actually a whole lot more useful. Can high-tech fidget spinners relieve stress? Science says yes. Some of the health benefits of fidget spinners include sharpening focus, treating ADD and ADHD, and increasing cognitive performance. Ready to get your own high tech fidget spinner?

These are the Top 3 High Tech Fidget Spinners

Fidget-Tech Multi-Purpose Fidget Spinner

This new-and-improved model lets you use the fidget spinner as a phone grip, a selfie-taking tool, phone stand, and USB splitter connector. Yeah, you heard right, the updated Fidget-Tech fidget spinner lets you charge your phone at home or in the car and connect your audio devices. One of their models even double as a USB flashdrive.


SpinPlay Fidget Spinner and Bluetooth Speaker

Who doesn’t want to listen to music or podcasts on the go? With a high tech fidget spinner like SpinPlay’s you can. When you’re not “fidgeting away” to relieve stress you can also use it to stream music from your smartphone, tablet, or computer with its built-in Bluetooth speaker. The SpinPlay fidget spinner touts itself for its ability to reduce anxiety, stress, ADHD, and help you quit bad habits.

The Kivors LED Bluetooth Speaker Fidget Spinner

It seems Bluetooth devices are popping up everywhere these days, so why not your fidget spinner? While you probably already have a bluetooth speaker (or a few) what’s one more going to hurt? The Built in subwoofer, and Bluetooth 4.0-enabled tech in the Kivors LED fidget spinner let you enjoy music anywhere. Plus, the LED lights that turn on when you spin it is just an extra cool feature for a fidget spinner.

Instead of grabbing a stress ball or fidget roller, grab one of these high tech fidget spinners. They are a simple, yet effective way to re-focus on the task at hand or just to let out some pent-up energy. Plus, the added bonus of having extra charging adapters is very convenient, and streaming music right at your fingertips (literally) is pretty cool.

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