HAPIfork: the Smart Fork that Tracks Your Eating Habits


Do you have a habit of eating too fast or just not being very mindful of what you’re eating during a meal? Well, there’s a smart solution to this age-old problem called HAPIfork. It helps you eat in a healthier way, monitoring you bite by bite so you can better manage your weight and have better digestion.

HAPIfork is the World’s Smartest Eating Utensil

This “smart” fork has a built-in accelerometer that monitors hand motion so it knows the time between bites. If it detects you’re eating too fast, it vibrates and a red light comes on to alert you. The smart utensil features a Micro USB connector and pairs with HAPIfork mobile app (Android and iOS) to help you track and sync your data as you eat. In our fast-paced, modern lives, eating too fast has become a growing problem.

That’s precisely why the HAPIfork motto is “Eat slowly, lose weight, feel great!”. Most people have heard that eating too fast and rushing through a meal can cause bad digestion and weight gain but as of now, there have been few ways to mitigate this habit.


The HAPIfork is truly a revolutionary idea: an electronic fork that tells you when you need to slow down at the dinner table. It’s sort of like having someone there to tell you when your elbow unconsciously slips onto the table.

How HAPIfork Works

Ok, so to get more into the details of how it works, when you bring food to your mouth with the HAPIfork, this is called a “fork serving”, and it uses these to determine how long you are eating, from start to finish, how many fork servings per minute you’ve eaten, and how long you wait in between bites.

This data is uploaded using a USB or Bluetooth connection to the HAPI.com dashboard. You track your progress here and they even offer a coaching program to improve eating behaviors in even more depth.

What’s really great about this product is it’s not about deprivation; HAPI want you to enjoy your food even more. Perhaps this weight loss tool will catch on. For foodies, the health-conscious, and those who need a simpler way to stop over-eating, the HAPIfork is a smart approach.

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