Getting Your Skin in Tip-top Shape Just Got Easier with the Clarisonic Mia

Clarisonic mia for men

Today, men are turning to a new way to wash away the oil, sweat, and day’s grime from their faces. It’s almost like this big secret that men aren’t sharing about what they’re really doing in the bathroom. It’s time to let that secret out – for all mankind. No, they’re not tediously plucking away at their brows or examining their pores with a magnifying mirror… they’ve upgraded their skincare routines with the Clarisonic Mia!

The Mia facial cleanser brush is specifically engineered for men, and it’s really making an impact on men’s skin health. For those men who have discovered it, they’ve never looked better. Designed by Clarisonic, this deep pore cleansing method is unlike any other not only because it’s gentle on skin, it takes just 60 seconds for the facial cleansing brushes to work their magic.

It exfoliates dead skin cells and preps skin for a smoother shave. And that’s why this is so amazing for men. The last thing a man’s skin needs is rough exfoliating before a shave. This will almost certainly result in razor bumps and red, irritated skin.


While there are many great facial scrubs available that provide amazing results for exfoliation, you cannot use them every day because they’re too abrasive. Yet, this facial cleansing device is gentle enough for you to use twice a day. It’s one of the few skincare devices for men that’s really tailored to their unique skin composition. The Clarisonic Mia is durable enough to handle the thickness of a man’s skin and it’s suitable for varying degrees of facial hair.

The makers of this device, Clarisonic, is well-known in the beauty and skincare industry for creating the world’s first patented sonic technology skincare device. The company actually invented what we know as “sonic skin cleansing” back in 2004, and ever since they’ve utilized this technology as well as patented oscillation technology in their skincare devices. It’s really a breakthrough for skincare as these technologies offer the ability to cleanse pores simply with water.

How effective is the Clarisonic Mia?

Clarisonic says their product cleanses skin “6x better than hands alone”. That’s quite a statement. Based on the reviews on Amazon, it seems the Clarisonic Mia really works well. It’s a tough competitor of the Clinique brush, another popular facial brush cleanser, but Clarisonic was the pioneer of this skincare system. While the Clarisonic Mia for men is a pricey item ($99 on Amazon), that hasn’t stopped people from buying them like crazy. Fewer pores, smoother skin, and less breakouts are hard to put a price on.

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