Fall Asleep Faster with SleepPhones

If you have insomnia you know what it’s like to toss and turn at night, waiting for sleep to come. Not only does insomnia affect you, it affects your partner, too. All that moving around to get comfortable can be really disturbing and hard to ignore. One of the latest gadgets that addresses this health issue is SleepPhones, a soft wearable headband-like device that helps you drift off to sleep with the sound of music or audio.  
While you can listen to pretty much anything with these wireless sound-soothers, you can also block out noise as well. They’re perfect if you have a noisy bed mate, noisy neighbors, when staying in busy hotels, or flying. If you get anxiety while travelling on airplanes, SleepPhones can make a big difference, bringing down your stress levels without the need of relying on pills.

Because they have a comfortable fit that keeps them on your head but not too tight, you’ll want to wear them every night. When you’re ready to set them up all you do is connect SleepPhones to your Bluetooth-enabled device (like the Echo Dot, Google Home, etc.) and you’re on your way to restful sleep.  



What makes the SleepPhones so comfy to wear is the flat speakers come embedded right into the soft fabric. There are absolutely no bumps or wires bulging through. In addition to the fact the sound quality is rocking, and the life of the battery is long, they really are a great thing to have on your nightstand.  
What’s so innovative about SleepPhones, of course, is for a time if you wanted to listen to music or say a podcast while trying to fall asleep you’d have to use bulky headphones or earbuds. They are not all that comfortable for sleep… If you, like so many people are hooked on headphones for getting off to sleep at night, you probably have already realized this. 

The better solution for listening to audio or cancelling out noise – a pair of SleepPhones. Overall, they have pretty good reviews on Amazon and they are currently the highest awarded sleeping headphone. They’ve got 8 Consumer Electronics Association Innovation Awards, 2 Pennsylvania ImPAct Awards, and a Red Dot Design Award. They typically are priced around $99 dollars but they are worth every penny if you’ve got insomnia.  

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