Enjoy Aromatherapy Every Day with the Oil Works Commercial Essential Oil Diffuser

There’s a reason diffusing essential oils is so popular today. They balance the mood, increase libido, relieve stress and anxiety, and even increase focus. People are turning to essential oil therapy more than ever to help counteract the ill-effects our modern society often has. Many people are turning to natural essential oils for their incredible health benefits instead of unsafe prescription drugs. For the occasional user, a small, inexpensive oil diffuser might do the trick, but for those use them regularly, a high-quality unit like the Oil Works Commercial Essential Oil Diffuser is a much better solution.

Need an essential oil diffuser that can handle large areas of your home? The Oil Works diffuser is just the device for the job. It covers 1,000 square feet of space! With just a push of a button, this incredible diffusing machine lets you adjust the level of scent intensity and schedule a timer.

The Oil Works Aromatherapy Machine is Low-maintenance

But this essential oil diffuser does way more than diffuse essential oils into the air – it’s also an air purifier that creates negative ions. It’s almost like having three machines in one. But what’s even more innovative about this piece of technology is the fact no water is needed at all, unlike most all essential oil diffusers. This, of course, is super convenient because having to refill an oil diffuser is a nuisance, and when the water runs out, so does the diffusing power.


This feature also eliminates the need to clean the machine to prevent mineral buildup. And no heat is used by the Oil Works essential oil diffuser so it’s perfect even in summer. Any essential oil or fragrance can be used but let’s say you want to use an essential oil for the health benefits. You have so many options to choose from but lavender, sandalwood, and bergamot can be used to quickly get some stress-relief, while peppermint, lemon, and rose essential oils can boost your energy.

Is the Oil Works Essential Oil Diffuser Worth it?

The Oil Works Commercial Essential Oil Diffuser is indeed much more expensive than most small diffusers you can buy almost anywhere. However, there’s a huge difference in quality. Take for instance one of the highest-rated diffusers on Amazon, the Syntus.

It’s less than $20 dollars but there are many people who end up throwing theirs away soon after buying it. How long can you expect a $20-dollar diffuser to last, anyway? Plus, as reviewers will say time and again, it can be a real pain constantly having to replenish the water and oils. The Oil Works Commercial Essential Oil Diffuser, however, eliminates the need for water, holding up to 150ml of oil, and this lasts anywhere from one to three months.

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