Breo iSee16 Eye Massager

Breo isee16 eye massager

Self-massage is a technique that’s very helpful when dealing with stress and tension. A lot of Americans today are more stressed than ever, and their eyes are really taking a hit, too. Working behind a computer all day and just dealing with stress in general takes a toll on your skin and causes those dreaded headaches many suffer with on a regular basis. If this is you, and you can even see the day’s stress on your face when you get home, you may just kick back and relax for a few hours, take a hot shower, or even have some screen time to de-stress. But maybe there’s a better way to relax: the Breo iSee16 Eye Massager.

Could this self-massager really be just as relaxing as watching your favorite TV show? That’s certainly a hard question to answer, especially if you consider Netflix a hobby!… However, if consumer behavior is any indicator (like how self-massagers like the Breo iSee16 Eye Massager are flying off shelves) it appears people are getting some benefit from them.

Indeed, people are buying self-massagers just like this one in record numbers. Quite simply, most people are busy and don’t have the time to go out and have a massage or it’s out of their budget. And that’s what’s so great about the diy self-massager from Breo. Whenever you have some down time (at home or on a plane) you just select the settings, put it on, and forget about everything else.

It relaxes tense muscles, (and we all know what tense muscles around the eyes do… create crows feet and forehead wrinkles). It’s no wonder the use of Botox is so common, when you put into perspective how tense our muscles are, but the best way to keep your skin looking great is to prevent lines and wrinkles in the first place, rather than having to re-inject botox or fillers every six months. Perhaps a better solution is to just use a self-massager that gently relaxes the muscles around the eyes.


The eye massager lasts for three hours at a time before it ever needs recharging, so it’s pretty low-maintenance. It can heat up, work on pressure points, or vibrate, and it’s even got a built-in speaker that will play spa music…. making it a really cool luxury item but for just $80 bucks.

For people who have never tried a self-massager like the Breo iSee16, it may be easy to just write it off as something to pamper yourself, but eye massage in general can help reduce dry eyes, eye strain, and relieve headaches just around or behind the eyes. And, hey, it may even be able to keep you from needing Botox prematurely!

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