break free from muscle pain with the viktor jurgen massage pillow

Sometimes pain can completely stop you in your tracks, making you feel like you just can’t go on. But what do you do when you have a full workday ahead? Using prescription pain drugs may not be the best fix, especially if you need to stay alert. For those who need a drug-free pain reliever, one of the best solutions is the Viktor Jurgen Massage Pillow. This heated shiatsu massage pillow is a great way to relieve pains, sprains, or stress-related tension.

The Viktor Jurgen massage pillow is travel-friendly

If you experience back, neck, or should pain while working at your desk, take the Viktor Jurgen massage pillow along with you to work. It’s small and lightweight enough to fit inside your bag or for storage in a desk drawer. Never get tired and worn out from pain while travelling by plane again. Both in the air or post-flight, this shiatsu massage pillow is your best friend.

Use it wherever you have pain – on shoulders, legs, neck, back, or feet. Additionally, when you’re on a long road trip, it can be a real life-saver, too.  All you need is an outlet or car adapter, and you’re on your way to soothing your sore muscles and entering a more relaxing state.

What makes this shiatsu massage pillow better than others is the Powerful 3D rotating massage nodes. Paired with the soothing heat, it penetrates into the muscle tissue better. Plus, it is FDA-approved for safety. If the device reaches reaches 80℃, the overheating protective mechanism kicks in.


Is this shiatsu massage pillow a good bargain?

This particular massage pillow is much less in price than many self-massagers or massage pillows. This brand sells for around $50 dollars. Price, of course, is not always the determining factor on whether something is a good bargain. What lends major credibility to the Viktor Jurgen model is the high rating on Amazon. It has 4.5 stars and almost a thousand reviews.

When browsing through the sea of reviews for the Viktor Jurgen masssage pillow you will notice a few people speaking about theirs prematurely quitting on them. Being an electronic device, it can certainly happen, but more than likely, they got a faulty one. Well over half of the people who have reviewed this pillow massager have been happy with it.

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