Bluefin Fitness Vibration Platform

Bluefin Vibration Platform

When it comes to fitness, technology is certainly our friend. Just look around at all the wearable fitness trackers and apps that are everywhere now. It’s really something, seeing how as technology evolves, our fitness devices evolve, too. One perfect example of how technology is upgrading our fitness equipment is the Bluefin fitness Vibration Platform. The built-in vibration technology is something we are seeing more and more in products today.

How vibration technology can help you get fit

Treadmills and traditional exercise machines are fantastic for losing weight and staying in shape. However, they don’t do what vibration platforms do. The linear vibration that’s created with the Bluefin fitness Vibration Platform actually emits 3.3 – 10.6 vibrations per second. It doesn’t just shake things up a bit (literally), it helps to reduce cellulite, increase muscle tone, and accelerate fat loss. What it does, in essence, is give the treadmill a run for its money.

Instead of using a treadmill to burn off calories, like we’ve been doing for ages, you can use this vibration platform to do the same exact thing. It’s a whole-body workout that’s low-impact on your knees and joints, yet, because it produces high frequency vibrations throughout your body, your muscles are moving as if you were walking or doing normal exercise.


The Bluefin fitness Vibration Platform has a built-in BMI and calorie tracker and speakers, too, so you can listen to your favorite podcast or music while you workout. And, you’ll actually be able to hear whatever you’re listening to while you workout because the BLUEFIN Fitness Pro massage vibration plate has the latest silent motor that produces less than 55dB volume. The company says this German-made motor will last a lifetime and guarantees it. The price is pretty reasonable… around $250 dollars online.

Bluefin Fitness says that by using their Vibration Platform you can actually target specific muscle groups, improve your core strength, and select between 180 levels of intensity. Check out all the ways you can use this exercise machine on the Amazon listing.

Is this the fitness machine of the future? Tell us what you think!

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