Battle Vision Glasses Review

An active lifestyle has its downsides, mostly the consequences of spending too much time outdoors. To keep your eyes protected during those times, you need a good pair of polarized glasses. We were looking through many alternatives and stumbled upon a remarkable candidate. To make a fair judgment, we decided that a Battle Vision glasses review was in order. Together we will find out if this perky set of glasses lives up to its reputation, so stick around.

How to pick polarized sunglasses

The best polarized glasses are easy to spot when you are looking in the right direction. In most cases, the most important things to consider before buying are:

Vision clarity For Battle Vision Glasses

The most important thing to be mindful of is how well it measures against other alternatives at improving your vision. To display brighter colors and well-defined shapes is the main purpose of polarized glasses. If the ones you’re considering don’t really enhance your vision, you might want to look somewhere else.


However, it is also important to know that lenses have varying degrees of polarization. You should find a pair that is appropriate to the climate and setting where you will be using the polarized glasses. More polarization does not necessarily mean better vision, because you need to be aware that some light needs to get through.

Additional protection

However, more polarization does imply a greater amount of protection against UV rays. Finding a balance between good protection and a clear vision is the struggle for most polarized glasses manufacturers. However, there are a few alternatives available that have managed to find a “sweet spot” that evens those two quite well. If you can find a set of glasses that matches your desired visibility with solid UV protection, you’re all set.

The amount of light that goes through needs to be sufficient to showcase every detail around you. Any more than that is allowing harmful UV rays through the lens unnecessarily.

Frame and lenses

The frame of your glasses has a vital role in your set’s integrity. Without a sturdy frame to hold them together, any set of glasses will fall apart easily. Investing in quality materials and solid design are priorities if you want them to have a significant lifespan. Steel and plastic are the most common choices for the materials used to manufacture polarized glasses.

Likewise, you need the lenses to be top-quality since that reduces the risk of scratching or breaking them. A good compromise is finding sporty glasses since those are both affordable and hard to break.

Battle Vision Glasses Review

The Battle Vision glasses are a versatile choice for the active lifestyle of today’s men and women. Whether it’s for riding your motorcycle, doing sports, hunting, hiking, or pretty much anything, these glasses got your back. With them, you will worry about neither poor vision nor the sun’s rays causing damage to your eyes.

As we looked through polarized glasses to find a suitable alternative for anyone, we found this amazing set by Atomic Beam. It stood above the rest due to its popularity among costumers, so we figured a closer examination was necessary. Among the many great things about these glasses are:

Enhanced visibility

The Battle Vision glasses are proficient at their main purpose, which is giving you a clearer picture of your surroundings.

These glasses have a great balance of colors and light, leading to a detailed and vivid perspective while wearing them. You can compare the Battle Vision to any other set of polarized glasses, and you’ll notice the difference. The Battle Vision’s lenses will allow you to stare straight into the sun without burning your eyes out.

Despite the affordable price, this equipment is right up there with its pricier counterparts. It’s a good bang for the buck, reducing both glare and hypersensitivity issues effectively without compromising visibility.

Designed for performance

If you are into rough play and want a set of glasses to take anywhere you go, pay close attention. The Battle Vision glasses are toughly built to provide a safe and reliable experience for the wearer. Their incredible flexibility will ensure that you can enjoy a reckless adventure while staying protected from the sun’s harm.

These are made with a shape-memory polymer that snaps back into place each time you try to bend them. Likewise, the lenses are sturdy enough to get you through any extreme activity, making them ideal for playing sports. Nonetheless, be mindful that these are still glasses and could easily break if mistreated.

UV protection

Polarized glasses offer a fair deal of protection against ultraviolet waves that could deteriorate your vision. These in particular excel at that task, keeping your eyes from suffering damage from any source of light. Besides providing a better vision, these will keep you safe while wearing them outside.

It’s a relief because UV light can damage the corneas and other parts of your eyes, even in low-light conditions. These rays reflect on bright surfaces such as snow, sand, water, and such, making it difficult to get proper protection. With these, that is not an issue, something that comes in handy when you love to spend your time outdoors.

Our conclusion


  • Great UV protection
  • Sporty all-purpose design
  • Balanced colors and bright
  • Unmatched visibility


  • The frame’s a bit too thin
  • Can’t wear them over prescription glasses

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best night driving glasses?

Polarized glasses are ideal for driving because they reduce the risk of getting blinded by the lights outside your car. During the night, such light becomes more obtrusive, leading to many accidents due to poor sight while driving. However, it’s advised that you remove your polarized glasses to drive in low-light settings.

Are Battle vision glasses polarized?

The Battle Vision glasses are polarized to provide you a clearer image of the world around you. They work because the tinted lenses do not let much light through, enhancing the picture and removing glare. This balances the brightness in your vision, giving you a more accurate depiction of your surroundings.


The Battle Vision glasses were a pleasant surprise for us after going through many unworthy alternatives. After carefully testing these glasses, we were able to conclude a few things.

Namely, these glasses are particularly well-suited for outdoor activities that involve a fair deal of movement. Likewise, they are strong, handsome, and affordable, which are major selling points when you are shopping for glasses. In general, we liked these a lot, and would recommend them to anyone interested in polarized glasses.