Augmented Reality in a Stylish Wayfarer – the Bose Audio Frames

Bose Audio Frames are stylish and high-tech

Looking for the most high-tech sunglasses on the planet? Well, check out the Bose Audio Frames “Alto”. They are way more than just eye protection and style, they’ve got amazing features that you certainly won’t find in just any pair of designer shades.

The Futuristic Features of the Bose Audio Frame Sunglasses

Bose has really jumped on the wearables bandwagon with their creation of a high-tech version of a stylish Wayfarer. It has open-ear audio, bluetooth connectivity, built-in microphone, and it’s Bose AR-enabled. In just a few words, it’s style and function for the music or tech-obsessed.

Imagine, sunning on the beach while listening to music streamed from your sunglasses, sipping a latte at a café while jamming to Matchbox20, or enjoying loud grunge music in the next room… yet not disturbing your roommates. It’s all possible with these high-tech Bose sunglasses.


While they offer UVA/UVC protection, the real draw is they’re a hands free and earbud-free way to enjoy music even away from home. What other sunglasses allow you to do this? And, they really aren’t much more than a designer pair of shades ($199 on It’s super-crazy but these premium shades let you do that and more.

And don’t worry, now that Bose is in the sunglass business, they are catering to the style-obsessed, so you can choose from a range of frames and lens colors. The Bose Audio Frames Lens Collection includes polarized and non-polarized lenses in gradient blue and mirrored silver and the Alto or Rondo frames. It’s so easy to switch out lenses between, frames, too.

Both these classic silhouettes are super stylish and modern, yet they allow you to immerse yourself in sound while other people around you hear almost nothing. It’s super-cool technology that Bose has termed Bose AR, calling it “a first-of-its-kind audio augmented reality platform”. What Bose AR is in a nutshell is a combo of next-gen Bose audio devices and it mobile apps. While they’re still working on compatibility with Android users, iOS users can take their Bose AR-enabled device and download special enhanced apps just by opening up the Bose Connect app.

Just looking at the #BoseFrames following on Instagram and other social media, it’s safe to say people are loving the Bose Audio Frames!

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