Arris dg1670a Review – UPDATED 2020 – Complete Setup Guide!

The Arris DG1670A Touchstone seems like a promising candidate for a closer examination. Its alleged performance and attractive pricing make it appealing from a buyer’s perspective. We wanted to make sure that Arris fulfilled its promises, so we thought an honest Arris DG1670A review was necessary. If you want to know if the Touchstone is the real deal, stick around.

Choosing a budget cable modem/router

When browsing through cable modems and routers, you need to be mindful of the following:

1.     Cable DOCSIS protocols

Depending on your provider’s current DOCSIS protocol, your connection speed will vary significantly. You need to check with your ISP before you buy any cable modem to make sure that you get a compatible model. As you would expect, newer protocols imply faster connections if your internet service allows it.


2.     802.11 wireless adapters

The wireless reach, strength, and speed will mostly depend on the 802.11 transmitter’s technology. As a rule of thumb, newer connection protocols will provide faster, stabler, and more secure experience than older versions. Thankfully, these are always backward compatible, so buying the latest version is always a safe bet.

3.     Security settings

Outdated routers have major security flaws, being easy to compromise despite secured them with a password. The WEP certification, common in most devices a while back, isn’t secure enough by today’s standards. Make sure to buy a device that supports the WPA2-PSK certification, since it’s arguably the safest available.

Arris DG1670A Review – UPDATED 2020

This cable modem/router caught our attention due to its great price and reported performance. 1Gbit and 340Mbps in wired and wireless connections respectively, enough to deliver smooth performance for home or office networks. This inexpensive alternative comes as a reliable way to set your network and get the most out of your internet.

Writing an Arris DG1670A review was necessary after hearing so much praise from satisfied customers. Its low price point paired with unbeatable value makes it very appealing to anyone looking for a modem/router. We tested it and, after carefully evaluating our findings, concluded the following:

Affordable 1Gigabit connection

This affordable cable modem/router includes DOCSIS 3.0 protocols to ensure a smooth and fast connection. That’s a considerable improvement when you’re switching from an older cable modem, a difference that you’ll likely notice. At such a low price, it’s an attractive deal if you want to replace your outdated modem. Likewise, if you’re renting a modem, buying this one will be an inexpensive way to stop making those monthly payments.

DOCSIS 3.0 enables the modem to establish connections up to 1Gigabit with the adequate data service. However, you should check with your service provider beforehand about compatibility issues to avoid any inconveniences.

Convenient wireless access points

We decided to write an Arris DG1670A review mostly due to the reliability of its wireless connections. The coverage, security, and versatility provided by this modem it’s way beyond its price tag. With the added benefit of dual 802.11n radios simultaneously managing up to 2 separate access points, the value exceeds pricing overwhelmingly.

These access points can be secured and managed individually to suit any particular purpose. Either on the 2.5GHz or 5GHz band, you can configure the access point settings using the modem’s user interface. The task is uncomplicated and allows you to tweak the preset security, wireless, firmware settings among other things.

User-friendly interface

The Arris Touchstone stands above the average modem/router thanks to its easy configuration. Intuitive and easy to understand interfaces guide you through the entire process to make it easier to manage your network. Even if you’re not particularly good with computers, you should be able to manage just fine.

In this interface, you can quickly set a name for your access point (or points) and include additional security measures. This process only takes a couple of minutes once you’ve accessed the modem’s configuration settings. For non-amateurs, further security, WLAN, LAN, firmware, and performance settings are also easily managed using this GUI.

Our conclusion


  • Dual 802.11n radio transmitter
  • Reliable wireless connection
  • Intuitive user interface

Great price


  • It gets hot
  • A little big

How to set up your Arris DG1670A modem

Setting up your network using the Arris DG1670 Touchstone gateway requires access to the graphic user interface (GUI). This interface allows the user to change the default values of the modem’s configuration settings. To access the Touchstone system’s GUI, you need a user name and password.

This password is different from your network’s password, and will likely be a generic one if you haven’t changed it. To change your router’s configuration settings, follow the tips below mentioned:

Arris DG1670A Default Password Login

Accessing the user’s interface for the first time requires the default login information provided by Arris. Once you’ve logged in, you can administrate your network parameters to suit the device’s intended purpose.

The default login information for the Arris Touchstone’s GUI is the following:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: password

In the Touchstone’s GUI you can quickly change the login information and create a secure password for your gateway. Likewise, you can easily navigate through the device’s settings to find more advanced features.

Arris DG1670A Firmware & Setup

Several tabs divide the settings into different categories, allowing access to the array of adjustable values. You start at the System Basic Setup, which enables you to change your network’s name (SSID) and password.

Upgrading the Touchstone’s firmware when necessary is similarly effortless. Check the “Status” tab in the gateway’s interface for your current firmware version. After checking the manufacturer’s site and ascertaining that an upgrade is in order, download the update file. Upload the file in the “Firmware Upgrade” box and click “Apply” for the upgrade to start.


After trying the Arris DG1670A Touchstone gateway we were greatly surprised by its value-to-price ratio. Despite being an inexpensive cable modem/router, this device allows speeds up to 1Gbit through a LAN port and nearly 340Mbps wireless.

In the same manner, the simultaneous broadcasting of separate access points further adds value to this deal. Overall, we liked the Touchstone a lot and would probably recommend it to anyone looking to buy a cable modem.