5 ways Echo Show 5 can make you healthier this year

The Echo Show 5 is your go-to Alexa assistant to get into shape this year. In more ways than one this high tech device can help increase your fitness, decrease stress, and even lose weight. How can it do that? I’m glad you asked! These are 5 ways Echo Show 5 can make you healthier:

Guided workout routines

If you’ve got the Amazon Echo Show 5, you’ve got guided workout routines you can access anytime, without ever leaving your home. Take advantage of it! Start out by stretching, of course, simply by saying a phrase like, “Alexa, ask Daily Stretch for a Stork Stretch, calf stretch, etc”. Then, once you’re warmed up select from the list of workouts in the Alexa app and get moving!


Mental health is just as important as physical health, that’s why it’s a smart idea to use your Echo Show 5 for daily affirmations. Feel more positive instantly by enabling the Daily Affirmation skill in the Alexa app. Simply state, “Alexa, ask Daily Affirmation for my affirmation.”


Better sleep

Want to fall asleep faster? Get your mind off of the hundred tasks you have to do by using Echo Show 5 to create the sound of rain or other soothing noises. Once again, Alexa to the rescue. She can make it rain with just this simple phrase, “Alexa, play rain sounds”.

A reminder to drink more water

Alexa can even help you remember to drink more water. Yes, she’s quite good at this, too. Want to drink a glass of water at least every two hours? Simply ask the Echo Show 5 to remind you to, and without fail, Alexa will promptly remind you. To take it up another notch, download the Water Log skill to track how much water you’ve had.

Guided meditation

When you want to calm your mind and get into a meditative state of relaxation, the Echo Show 5 is a great tool. One command is all you need: “Alexa, open Guided Meditation”. Then, you can follow along with the daily meditation and enter a higher state of consciousness.

The Echo Show 5 is most definitely a high-tech device for the health-conscious. It’s such a multi-functional device that’s well-suited for getting healthier. Not only does it have a smart speaker, it has a smart display touch screen, too. There are way more things you can do with it besides these five applications… the possibilities are virtually endless.

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