10 Health Problems Caused by Bad Posture

bad posture

There are many different health problems caused by bad posture. With so many Americans working desk jobs, it is a big problem. Many people are experiencing bad posture simply because their monitors are not properly adjusted to prevent head and neck strain. If you suspect you don’t have the best posture, be aware there are many health problems associated with it and it can be prevented.

These are 10 of the most common health problems caused by bad posture and a few tips to retrain your posture:

1. Arthritis


Did you know, your risk for arthritis increases if you have bad posture? According to Arthritis Research U.K. joint health is directly affected by not having good posture. This happens due to the stress that’s placed on our joints when the spinal column becomes misaligned.

2. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

This uncomfortable syndrome is another health problems caused by bad posture. It causes pain, tingling, or numbness in the neck and shoulders caused by the restriction of nerves and blood vessels due to slouching. If Thoracic Outlet Syndrome is left untreated, it can cause more long term effects of bad posture, like swelling and blood clots.

3. Stress

Stress, who doesn’t have it! But did you know it can be caused by poor posture. This stems from pain caused by the condition itself because we certainly aren’t our happiest when we don’t feel good. Over time, if we are in pain this leads to us feeling a lack of motivation to move and do the things we love. Physical activity is a natural way of alleviating stress, and so by not doing it we are more stressed overall.

4. Hip, Knee, and Ankle Pain

Pain is a major symptom caused by bad posture, both in the upper body like the head and neck but also in the lower body. People with improper posture will often suffer from pain in the hip, knee or ankle region. This is often gone without suspicion that something’s wrong with posture, however, these joints are connected to the spinal column. Imbalances in the spine cause undue stress on the rest of the body.

5. Fatigue

When the body is not aligned properly, this requires is to work harder to perform normal functions. This puts an energy tax on the body, making people often feel fatigued without exerting themselves or doing any extra activities.

6. Sleep Issues

The pain and changes in your spinal alignment caused by poor posture can take a toll on your sleep. Finding a comfortable position can become more difficult when you have bad or neck pain from bad posture.

7. Digestive Problems

Another health problem you might experience due to bad posture is digestive health problems. If you’re not sitting up straight, this really puts a strain on the organs of the digestive system. They don’t function as well when compressed, and therefore you may develop health problems like acid reflux or heartburn and uncomfortable symptoms like gas and bloating.

8. Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Pelvic floor dysfunction is yet another health problem caused by bad posture. This condition has a myriad of symptoms like difficulty holding urine, constipation, or pain during intercourse – Not super fun symptoms! While a complex issue, in basic terms, stress on the abdominal region caused by slouching puts pressure on organs like the bladder, keeping them from functioning properly.

9. Headaches

Once again, posture is linked to something people frequently experience – headaches. Hunching your head forward for long periods of time is a sure way to end up with a headache. Just one type you may experience, cervicogenic headaches, stem from the neck, and radiate up.

10. Self Esteem Issues

Probably not the first thing you think of when you’re talking about posture, self esteem issues are believed by doctors to have a real effect on self-esteem. Additionally, studies have even concluded that poor posture can impact how we feel about ourselves.

All of these health problems caused by bad posture are completely avoidable. We can retrain our posture with just a little extra effort. Posture retraining can be done by simply wearing a posture-correcting shirt or wearing a device like the UPRIGHT GO. These devices can be worn underneath clothing so you can retrain your posture practically anywhere.

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